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Speck SeeThru for MacBook Air 11" Case - Clear

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Nice protection without adding bulk!

I bought this to protect my macbook Air from scratches whilst in general use.

It fits easily and is a very precise fit!I would advise to check your Mac is void from any hairs etc? For example mine even though I thought was completely clean it ended with a hair trapped under the surface and It so annoying ha-ha!(OCD)

The case does take some careful maneuvering to remove again because of the exact nature of the snug fit!(my hair nightmare was on top of machine and advise starting easing biggest clip first and then work your way round)

I have had it fitted for a week or so now and would recommend if you want something that doesn't distract from the machine itself but still offers protection from scratches etc!

Read 1 customer reviews

Product Description

Awesome Clear Speck MacBook Air 11" Case SPK-A2715 | Quality Speck Hard Case for 11 inch MacBook Air


If you're looking for a hard case for your 11-inch MacBook Air you really can't go wrong with the range of protective SeeThru clip-on cases from Speck. Form-fitted to perfectly fit your MacBook Air 11" the Clear SeeThru easily and quickly clips onto your Mac to guard against scratches, scrapes and dings. The intelligent, lightweight dual panel construction covers your MBA11 from all sides without impeding vital ports and plugs. Get a perfect protective Hard Case fit for your Air 11"...

Key Features
  • Great hard shell protection for your Mac Air 11
  • Totally removable - simple to install and take off
  • Built-in rubberised feet keep your MBA11 stable and secure
  • Intelligent design lets you open/close your MacBook Air all the way
  • Access to all ports and drive
  • Perfect fit for all MacBook Air 11 inch models


    # Can I use all the features without removing the shell?
    The intelligent design of Speck hard shells lets you open and close your 11-inch Air all the way - giving you access to all keys, sensors, ports, plugs and your CD/DVD Drive through specifically-engineered cutouts.

    # What is it made of?
    Speck use a special blend of hard polycarbonate plastic which provides sturdy protection for your MBA11.

    # Will this case cause my Macbook Air to overheat?
    Nope! The MacBook Air 11-inch model ventilates through the keyboard so your SeeThru case will cause no change in temperature. Keeping your MacBook cool and safe.

    Installing your SeeThru case on your MacBook Air 11" is super simple! Firstly, dust off your MacBook gently before putting on your new SeeThru. Close your MacBook Air and place the bottom shell panel on a table or hard surface. Press your notebook gently down into the shell until it snaps into the small tabs. Next, take the top shell and press it evenly down onto the top of your MacBook, applying pressure to the corners until it snaps snugly into place. To remove, pull the small tabs away from your notebook. If you are experiencing any difficulty, simply slip a credit card in the slot between your case and MacBook and pop off the tabs. It's probably best to remove the Speck Hard Case every now and again to give it a gentle clean. It's as easy as that!

    This video shows installation of a Speck hard case onto a MacBook Pro 13" with Retina but the technique used can be applied to all different Speck variations and all MacBook models

Additional Information

Product Number 28061
Manufacturer Code SPK-A2715
Brand Speck
External Dimensions (cm) Form-fitted to perfectly snap onto...
Internal Dimensions (cm) ... all MacBook Air 11" models!
Fits Laptops/Netbooks up to 11.6"
Colour Clear
Case Material Lightweight Polycarbonate Hard Shell
Style Hard, Skin
Warranty 12 Months
Availability Show in stock only
Weight (kg) No


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