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Wireless Bluetooth Number Keypad for Apple Mac



Good looking Keypad, sometimes disconnects

Like others I was disappointed that Apple did not supply a proper wireless keyboard with integral keypad. I can't think of any PC keyboard which is without one.

I found this product through surfing the net and certainly it's the best looking one specially matching the Apple keyboard. Pity it's made of plastic.

Probably the most disappointing thing about this keypad is that it seems to disconnect all by itself. Annoying when one needs to quickly enter numerics, instead of playing around with bluetooth connections. Also It doesn't work automatically with VMFusion Windows emulator.


Worth having with a Mac

The instructions were disappointing but I persevered and got it in synch with my Apple Mac eventually.
That done, I only use it when I have a significant quantity of numbers to enter, for example on a spreadsheet, and it is easy to switch on and off when required.
It is neat, the design is in keeping with Apple and does not take up much space when not in use.
Much better than having the big Apple keyboard with the number pad permanently attached.


Just what was so badly needed - a wireless number keypad for the Mac

Sooo happy I bought this for my PowerBook. Number crunching is now back to normal. Fits the wireless keyboard perfectly, but also v useful if I am travelling and don't want to lug the keyboard as well. Why oh why don't Apple make one, they are losing out big time. The match to the keyboard is just fine (I wasn't expecting perfect, but so much better than the black ones on the market). I am a big Apple fan, and had there been an Apple numeric keypad I would have bought that, but since they don't, this is by far the next best thing.


Excellent add on

Easy to install. Fits exactly to the mac keyboard and gives a delete key which is sadly missing off the main keyboard. Exact match in colour and style. Best buy.


The perfect add-on

I recently bought the wireless keyboard and whilst in the shop I played with this key pad which was on display as well. I thought it a bit too expensive at the time, so didn't buy it.

About two weeks later I went back to the shop and bought one anyway. The point is that when you're used to having one, it not being there is the biggest nuisance. The pad works great, it fits seamlessly to the keyboard and the forward delete button (oh, how I missed that) is a dream although it took some used to it being where it is.

Four stars instead of five? Yeah... it does look a bit "cheap" compared to the keyboard, but then again, the price is just fine.


Functional But Needs Improvement

I bought the WBNK for Apple Mac to enter ISBN # for our large library and to tabulate mathematic calculations wirelessly.

My initial disappointment came when I opened the box and realized that though I paid a hefty price for a numeric wireless keypad that matched my existing wireless keyboard, it was only made of painted plastic, not the same durable material of the standard keyboard.

Second, it took longer than usual to sync the device, though eventually we got it to work.

Thirdly, aside from not getting the durable unit I thought I paid for, I've been most disappointed that the numeric Keypad tends to stick. So when I type in an ISBN # from our book library one of the numbers tends to stick. So when I'd type one "5" it would look like this "55555555555555". This is probably caused by the reduced quality of the components used in constructing the device. The keys definitely feel "cheaper" (in a bad sense) than the Apple Wireless keyboard that I'm using to write this review.

All in all I'm quite disappointed and because of the sticking of the keys I will probably return the device and wait for a better quality wireless numeric keypad.

The company that made the device made a good first step in a Mac market that lacks options. However, I feel that they sacrificed quality and performance. If they improve the quality of their keypad, I think their performance will be worth the money I pad for the device.


Good quality easy to use product

I was pleased to find that my new iMac had a cordless keyboard and that it worked via bluetooth. I was disappointed that it did not have a numerical keypad as, although I don't do loads of figure work I have become used to having one. Since this is my first Mac it soured my experience slightly.

Apple didn't have an add on product but a little surfing turned up this one and I have been very impressed so far. It links easily to the main keyboard if needed or can stand alone. I have yet to test out the battery life yet but so far I am impressed with the quality of build. There is also a useful gizmo to turn off the main keyboard without disconnecting the keypad. It was a bit pricey but has made my keyboard complete.

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