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Fabrix Silver Shade MacBook Air 11" Case


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Pretty good would give it 5 stars if not for the annoying velcro strap! Arh!

OK - I think it is brilliant BUT I am a student and so I am constantly in studenty places (ok I am a geeky student) so libraries or other such places (ie. trying to sneak out laptop while teacher is speaking or in lecture) that demand quiet and silence, and so the huge velcro strap across this case drove me (and all those other poor souls in the library and my lecturer) MAD! SO for this reason I took a chance and carefully cut the velcro strap off with a pair of small scissors and now it is perfect, I don't really mind that the flap doesnt stick shut because the laptop doesnt shift when in my bag, and I can tuck it into the inside of the case if i really need to when the laptops inside it.

I also love how it serves as a cushion base thing for wherever i take my laptop now, espeically on desks or hard surfaces because i used to hate how my old laptop got its poor bottom all scratched and poorly because of being placed directly on hard surfaces.

All in all I think it is lovely and my laptop thinks so too because they cannot be without each other for very long now.

Many people compliment the sleek look and feel of it since I have it if i pull it out in class or whatever! :D

I hope you enjoy your purchase too!

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Product Description

Why Buy the Fabrix Silver Shade MacBook Air 11" Case?
- Designed to give great protection against scratches and damage
- Internal cushioning to give the best resistance against knocks
- Features a full frontal cover flap with velcro to keep your laptop safe and secure
- Slim and lightweight reflects the design of your device
- Separate compartment for remote, MP3 etc. keeping you organised
- Separate pocket for your power adapter or documents

Protect your 11 inch slimline laptop or MacBook in style

Fabrix Silver Shade MacBook Air 11" Case - Description
Fabrix are revolutionising the world of protection for laptops and MacBooks, making stylish, unique designs that also give excellent protection. The material is surprisingly thick for how slim the case is, meaning that it doesn't contribute to bulk or weight but still gives great protection against scratches, knocks and drops. Each case is handsewn to fit laptops perfectly unlike many mass produced generic cases.

This case is also exceptionally good at keeping you organised, as there are separate compartments for your charger or adapter and then for your MP3, phone or other smaller accessories - and the great thing about this is that they are kept away from your laptop with thick material which ensures that no damage can be picked up from items rubbing and scratching each other.

Don't blend into the crowd - stand out with something truly original like this Silver Shade Fabrix case.

Stylish protective case for 11 inch slimline laptop or MacBook Air

Additional Information

Product Number 31377
Manufacturer Code FB-DELUXE-015-MBA11
Brand Fabrix
External Dimensions (cm) No
Internal Dimensions (cm) No
Fits Laptops/Netbooks up to 11.6"
Colour Grey, Silver
Case Material No
Style Sleeve
Warranty 12 Months
Availability No
Weight (kg) No


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