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Fabrix Black Denim 13" Laptop Bag


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Perfect for any lady!

wow, this bag looks so good! Feels great to the touch and is really padded. Has room for my laptop and separate space for my purse, phone and more. Love it!


Super stylish :)

I bought this bag a couple of weeks ago and I have been using it since, I have loved it from the moment I first saw it! It's beautiful and perfect and everything I wanted it to be :) Protects my laptop really well and room for my purse and phone too!

Read 2 customer reviews

Product Description

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Why Buy the Fabrix Black Denim 13" Laptop Bag?
  • Designed to give great protection
  • Internal cushioning to give shock resistance
  • Leather handles for comfortable grip
  • Back pocket for accessories
  • Slim and lightweight making it exceptionally portable

  • Fabrix Black Denim 13" Laptop Bag - Description
    Designed to give great protection
    Fabrix's stylish, unique designs are certainly backed up with the protection that your MacBook or laptop needs - preventing your device from picking up scratches and damage.
    provides great protection

    Internal cushioning to give shock resistance
    Inside the case there is a surprising amount of thick cushioning, compared to how slim the case is. This helps to keep your laptop or MacBook secure at all times, and gives it excellent resistance in the event of a knock or drop.

    Leather handles for comfortable grip
    The leather handles on this bag allow you to carry it around in comfort, and also add to the designer, executive style of the bag.

    Back pocket for accessories
    With its back pocket, the Fabrix Polka Dot Laptop Bag allows you to separate your laptop or MacBook from your accessories, which adds to the protection and security of your device. It also allows you to stay organised - no need to search around inside your bag for what you are looking for!
    Stylish and sophisticated protection

    Slim and lightweight
    For how much protection this bag gives, the lack of bulk and weight is surprising - weighing almost nothing and staying incredibly slim which helps you transport the bag in comfort and with ease.

    Additional Information

    Product Number 33381
    Manufacturer Code FB-LAPTOPBAG-004-13
    Brand Fabrix
    External Dimensions (cm) No
    Internal Dimensions (cm) No
    Fits Laptops/Netbooks up to 13.3"
    Colour Black
    Case Material No
    Style Shoulder Bag, Ladies Bag
    Warranty 12 Months
    Availability No
    Weight (kg) No


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