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Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

April 14th, 2015

I’m sure you may have heard recently (if not, why not?) that Samsung had a little announcement with regards to an addition to their flagship handset line up – well 2 additions to be more precise.

Following the Samsung Galaxy S5, it seemed that Samsung had a job to do in terms of turning out a top of the range handset which delivered more than just gimmicks and promises. I’m not saying that the S5 was by any means a flop or a disappointment but it could of been, well, better. The S6 and the S6 Edge is Samsung’s opportunity to now deliver a handset which lives up to the hype which Samsung has set for themselves and on first impressions, Samsung has really delivered.


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

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Introducing the NueVue Cleaning Cases

March 17th, 2015

As much as we’d probably hate to admit it, the harsh reality is that our fingertips can ruin the look of our smartphones and tablets. Take me for example, I have an HTC One M8 and it’s a beautiful phone with a gorgeous screen which I fall in love with every time I use it. Then, after I’ve turned the screen off, I look down at the phone and it’s there – smudges….every where!

Dirty Tablet Screen

Dirty tablet sceen

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Apple announce a new 12 inch MacBook

March 13th, 2015

The Apple MacBook family consists of the MacBook Air – a beautifully lightweight laptop which offers great portability, decent power and excellent battery life – and the MacBook Pro – with an edge-to-edge dispatch surrounded by a snazzy black frame and, with the higher-end models, a Retina display. Thanks to the flush finish of the MacBook Pro it wasn’t possible to combine the ultra-thin and portable design which is seen in the MacBook Air – until now.

Whilst many people were listening out for the Apple Watch, Apple introduced a new member of the MacBook family called – erm – the MacBook. With it’s 12 inch display surrounded by a tiny bezel, flush glass screen and Retina display. It’s thinner, and lighter, than the 11 inch MacBook Air which is no meant feat and thanks to this, it looks simply stunning. I’m not a massive Apple fan but I can appreciate style and the MacBook certainly ticks all of the boxes in the style department.

Apple's new 12 inch MacBook

Apple’s new 12 inch MacBook

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

March 6th, 2015

So it’s been another year and that means an update for the Samsung Galaxy S lineup of smartphones with the latest iteration of Samsung’s flagship device – The Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S6

Following on from last years successful handset, Samsung announced the new device at MWC 2015 and they’ve promised us something that’s, well, quite special.


The phone is designed to be a fusion of glass and metal which gives the handset a more solid and premium feel over previous versions of the Samsung Galaxy range. The handset is designed to be more compact which allows it to fit inside the hand more comfortably. Size-wise, the handset is slightly bigger than the iPhone 6 but packs a much larger screen which also boasts a higher resolution than Apple’s latest handset. Samsung have stuck with the Super AMOLED display that we’ve seen the company use now for quite a while but it’s improved the screen to make it more like the Note 4’s and by that I mean that they’ve included a 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S6’s Screen

This results in a much clearer and crisper display that we’ve seen from Samsung – although it’s not sure if this improved screen will have a negative impact on battery life.


Samsung have also included a 16MP camera on the back of the device which features an aperture of f1.9 which makes it excellent in low light conditions and a massive 34% improvement over the camera on the S5. It still features the same Auto HDR as before and will show you how a picture will look in HDR before you snap away. There’s also smart Optical Image Stabilisation which keeps the shake away and helps you to capture blur-free images quickly and easily.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera

The S6 packs a 16MP rear shooter

There are a couple of things missing though from the S6, namely the removable battery and Micro SD card slot are no longer available and also Samsung have ditched the waterproofing in favour of a new and improved design.


For some reason, Samsung have decided to downgrade the battery on the S6 – including a 2550mAh battery instead of the 2800mAh which was packed into the S5. We’re unsure if this means that Samsung have made the chipset, screen and operating system more efficient which allows them to install a smaller sized capacity or if they’ve reduced the battery sized to improve upon the design of the handset. – only time will tell which of these statements is actually true.

The device does work with Qi charging though, which means you can simply rest your device on a charging plate rather than having to plug in those annoying wires! Samsung have also introduced a new fast charging system which means that a 10 minute charge will boost the battery life enough to get 2 hours of video playback.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Charging

The S6 features wireless charging


The S6 comes with Androids newest operating software, Lollipop, pre-installed on the device which also brings with it 64-bit support. Samsung have also ditched the urge to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset in favour of using it’s own engine which is rumoured to be 64-bit enabled.

This is coupled with 3GB of RAM (although 4GB would of been better to fully take advantage of the 64-bit capabilities) which gives the device plenty of snap and speed to run those resource-heavy applications quickly and effortlessly. The handset also goes out of its way to improve dad speeds and power consumption thanks to the new flash memory which is installed called UFS (standing for Universal Flash Storage) which goes a long way in improving the speed of the device but also means that the MicroSD card slot has been dropped as it’s not redundant.

To make up for the lack of expandable storage, the handset comes in 32, 64 and 128GB variants which gives you plenty of memory to help you overcome the loss of expandable memory.

Operating system

As I mentioned before, Samsung are sticking with Android, namely Lollipop, whilst it works on its own Tizen operating system although it still features Samsung’s TouchWiz UI overlaid on top. Despite Samsung skinning their version of Android, they’ve slimmed down on the bloatware and removed the annoying pop-up menus and streamlined the App’s so there’s fewer options baked into the device.

Other features

There’s not really many surprises as to what’s baked into the S6, there’s a fingerprint scanner which has been improved to make it a touch-based system rather than the swipe-style that we saw on the S5. This makes the fingerprint scanner a lot more like Apple’s TouchID which many will see as an improvement over Samsung’s original version.

The heart-rate monitor has also been kept and it’s been moved to the right of the camera sensor and Samsung have also included mobile payment stocked into the phone. Samsung claim that you can use the S6 to mimic the magnetic strip from your credit or debit card (although we’re not sure how that will work given the phone being, you know, thicker than your bank card). The handset features both NFC and QR codes which means that it’ll support a wide range of mobile payment options.

Wrap up

We saw Samsung release both the S4 and the S5 in April of their respective release years so it’s wise to assume that they’ll do the same this time round. So why not be prepared for when you receive your device by getting yourself a Samsung Galaxy S6 case from GearZap so you’ve got the protection wrapped up for when the phone is finally in your hands?

Sony announce the Sony Xperia Tablet Z4

March 2nd, 2015

Following on from recent success including the Z2 and Z3 tablets, Sony have unveiled their latest iPad competitor in the shape and form of the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

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Top 5 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Cases

December 8th, 2014

Best Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Cases

If you’ve paid £639.00 or more for your Surface Pro 3, you’ll sure want to take care of it. We’ve rounded up the best 5 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 cases available from GearZap. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 5 MacBook Covers

November 26th, 2014

Top MacBook Covers

Choosing a MacBook cover is one of the most important things you should to do having bought your MacBook. Reliable protection is a necessity for MacBook owners – to protect your laptop from daily wear and tear or more serious accidental damage. We’ve chosen some of the best MacBook covers to help you choose a cover that’s not only protective – but stylish too. Read the rest of this entry »

4 of the Best Tesco Hudl 2 Cases

November 25th, 2014

Best Tesco Hudl 2 Cases

The bigger, better and more powerful Tesco Hudl 2 is set to fly off the shelves this Christmas – thanks to its value for money and pre-installed apps and features. Featuring user-friendly contours, the Hudl 2 is available in eight different colours and sports and 8.3-inch HD screen. GearZap – first for tablet cases and accessories, has a lineup of specially made and sourced Hudl 2 cases to keep your new tablet protected from accidental damage. Some of our cases are protective while others include more functionality. Check out five of the best Tesco Hudl 2 cases by reading more.

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Tesco Hudl 2 Review

October 9th, 2014

The Tesco Hudl 2 Review:

So it’s bigger, faster and well better than its 7.5” older brother, but how well does the Tesco Hudl 2 perform against other 8” tablets out there?

Tesco Hudle 2 orange review

Well let’s look at the specs of the all new Tesco Hudl 2

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The new larger Tesco Hudl is released on October 9th 2014, costing £129, £10 more expensive than the Tesco Hudl 1 and it is brimming with features.

The first feature you will notice is a larger screen sized at 8.3” vs the 7.5” screen on the Hudl 1 and at 1920×1200 its full HD screen is impressively crisp and clear.

There is a quad-core Intel Atom processer with 2gb of Ram powering the Android KitKat 4.4.2 OS, offering some real pound for operating power value.

The sound has been improved with stereo speakers with Dolby enhanced drivers offering a crisp clear and surprisingly solid bass.

The non to shabby 5mp camera is ok, not that you really use tablets to take many pics with and for skyping etc the front facing 1.2mp camera offers a good experience, much better than anything we have seen in this price bracket.

The internal memory comes with only a 16gb option but the MicroSD slot allows an extra 32gb to be added to this. So it’s fair to say that you can be rest assured you can carry enough content to keep everyone entertained for even long journeys.

The battery life is stated to be 8 hrs of use, and impressively the Hudl 2 really does run for at least this long, very impressive considering the screen brightness.

Tesco Hudl 2 0

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Ok now on the Hudl 2’s design

Surprisingly for a supermarket tablet, Tesco has not just piggybacked the likes of Huawei like EE did with the EE Eagle, but they totally made the Hudl 2 to look great. Having used the creative minds f three top design agencies Ustwo ,The Chase and ChauhanStudio who worked together to come up with what is a very likeable look.

Being a family orientated tablet the hudl comes in an array of bright and funkily named colours, these being, Bubblegum Pink, Jazzy Blue, , Slate Black (one for the no nonsense fella), Rocket Red, Tropical Turquoise, Dreamy White Zesty Orange and Perky Purple

tesco hudl 2 review

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Value for money:

There is no denying that the Hudl 2 is a bargain, at £129 you really cant buy better at the moment and those lucky enough to have enough Tesco clubcard points can get the Hudl 2 for only £65 which is outstanding tablet value for money.



What is the Kindle Voyage?

October 6th, 2014


The Kindle Voyage is the new E-reader from the e-seller giant Amazon. The Kindle Voyage is the thinnest kindle so far at on 0.3 inches thick and one of the lightest as well weighing in at only 6.4 ounces. The Voyage also comes with a auto adjusting back-light which adjusts based on the environmental light you’re in, meaning the screen will always be clear and visible.

Kindle Voyage

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