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Introducing the NueVue Cleaning Cases

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

As much as we’d probably hate to admit it, the harsh reality is that our fingertips can ruin the look of our smartphones and tablets. Take me for example, I have an HTC One M8 and it’s a beautiful phone with a gorgeous screen which I fall in love with every time I use it. Then, after I’ve turned the screen off, I look down at the phone and it’s there – smudges….every where!

Dirty Tablet Screen

Dirty tablet sceen


Can an iPad ever replace my laptop or computer?

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

For many, the iPad can pretty much take over from the laptop or computer in terms of browsing, e-mailing and media viewing duties. But can you ditch your faithful computer altogether? Here are a few tips and suggestions on how you may be able to make your iPad your one and only.

Buy a Keyboard Case

Typing on any touchscreen for a long period of time can be a frustrating and inefficient experience but Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard cases are becoming slimmer, cleaner and altogether better. The Avantree Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Mini and iPad Mini Retina is just an example of the reliable budget options available. The keyboard connects to your iPad wirelessly through Bluetooth and offers a full QWERTY keypad with a comfortable and familiar typing experience. Going for a keyboard case rather than just a standalone Bluetooth keyboard gives you the benefits of added protection and the ideal viewing angle, thanks to integrated stand functions and often all-round front and back protection.


KNOMO London now available at GearZap

Monday, January 13th, 2014

The exquisite range of cases and bags from KNOMO London is now available at GearZap. We have hand picked the best selection of MacBook, iPad and Laptop sleeves and bags – and the entire GearZap team can personally vouch that they are some of the most beautiful products we have ever seen.

Each KNOMO product is lovingly hand crafted using only the finest materials, including only premium leathers sourced from the best tanneries around the world, chosen for their superior quality, rich texture and vibrant colours. Durable, practical and stylish – the range and it’s quality really has to be seen to be believed.


How best to reclaim your tablet this Christmas

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


Remember when you were a child at Christmas and even though you were lucky enough to get the toy you really really wanted that year you still played with the box more?

Adults love shiny new toys – and kids are no different – so it’s inevitable that they’ll want to get their grubby little mitts on your tablet, download Angry Birds and play it till the cows come home. As there are sure to be thousands of tablets wrapped up under the tree this year how do you ensure you actually get to use yours?

1. Disguise it 

Ok, so I guess this one is a long shot. When they realise BBC iPlayer is coming from a previously innocuous looking black book they’ll know something isn’t quite right. Book style cases are available for pretty much every device and can give your tablet a sleek low-profile with a touch of anonymity. The beautiful DODOcase range for the iPad Mini and the Mini Retina  – which is handcrafted in San Francisco using traditional book binding techniques – offers a classic minimalist style which is sure to keep the youngsters away (Click the image to see the DODOcase for Google Nexus 2 2013). If you want to take it a step further and really confuse then maybe this Klevercase is more your bag. 

DODOcase Classic Case for Google Nexus 7 2 - www.GearZap.com

The Best iPad 4 Cases

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

The iPad 4 snuck onto the market alongside the iPad Mini back in October, with many not even realising that an updated version of the largest iPad had been released. The iPad 4 contains an A6X processing chip which makes it the fastest iPad yet, and also has the new Apple lightning connector. This has opened up a whole new market for those looking for iPad 4 cases and we have strived to find the very best selection in the market. All of the cases below are available on our site and you can be taken to the page by clicking on any of the images or product titles.

KeyCase for iPad

The KeyCase is a two-in-one solution which combines a protective leather style case and a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, allowing you to keep your iPad in top condition (more…)

GearZap Welcomes Funky Fabrix Laptop Cases

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

There are many people out there looking for a funky laptop case, and you don’t get much funkier than some of the designs from Fabrix.

Fabrix are a top brand that create designer laptop cases that give the perfect fit to laptops and MacBooks, unlike many generic cases. At GearZap, we are proud to be the first and the biggest UK seller of the Fabrix case, a brand that really offer something different in a world of plain black and grey laptop cases, MacBook Pro cases, iPad 2 cases and Kindle covers.

Funky laptop cases (more…)

Best iPad keyboards – wireless and bluetooth

Friday, October 29th, 2010

A round up of the best iPad keyboards

A great way to extend your iPad is to buy a keyboard for it. Whilst some people would say the whole point of an iPad is to shed the bulk of a keyboard by having it on screen, some of the keyboards have been incredibly popular. It’s clear that it’s pretty useful to have the addition of a physical keyboard to complement Apple’s amazing tablet. GearZap has a wide range of iPad keyboards available – here are some of the best wireless and bluetooth keyboards: (more…)

Whats The Best iPad Stylus?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Why do I need an iPad Stylus and how do I chose the best one?

The best iPad stylus is hard to hard to pick, and it depends on what you want to use it for. Just like trying to pick a good set of pencils for sketching, there are a lot on the market and using the wrong products mean you don’t get the result that you want, or even worse you can damage the iPad screen. There are a fair few different ones available at the moment, and picking a good one for you is very important. You probably already know why you want a stylus if you are reading this, but just in case – a stylus gives you much more accuracy than using your finger on the screen. Whilst not really important for general use, it makes a huge difference when you are trying to draw or sketch on the iPad, something that has become very popular with some extremely impressive results. You can use it for taking hand written notes too, depending on the style of stylus you pick.

How to pick a Stylus

The 2 most popular stylus at the moment for the iPad are the Pogo Sketch Stylus and the DAGi Capacitive Stylus, with the highest build quality and responsiveness. The 2 stylus designs themselves however are very different. The Pogo stylus has a soft tip, making it more comfortable for general use. It also lets you use it from a wider range of angles, making it great for writing and sketching. It does however mean that you have to press harder on the Pogo stylus and may take some getting used to.

The DAGi stylus has a hard transparent tip with a red dot in the center. This is VERY effective at making extremely precise marks, making it very good for sketching. However, due to the shape of the tip the DAGi stylus has a more upright holding position which may or may not affect how comfortable it is for you, and can feel rather alien if you tend to to use a much lower down holding position. Both of these stylus are great for general every day use, and you can see them in action a bit more in the YouTube video.

Both of these stylus are available on GearZap.com, and if you are still unsure about the results you can achieve with one of these then you should look up some videos about iPad sketching on YouTube, they are extremely impressive. Whilst they can both be used for sketching, writing and general use and excel in different areas, it is more important to pick the stylus that you think would be more comfortable for you to use.

Brenthaven 5-IN-1 iPad Case Launched!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

At GearZap we have the largest range of iPad Accessories on the internet! We have lots of new and exciting products, but this New Brenthaven 5-IN-1 Case is so innovative that we thought it deserves its own blog post!

We have never seen a case like this before. The Brenthaven 5-in-1 iPad Case is a totally unique design that we applaud for its creativity. Essentially it’s made up of 2 polycarbonate shells. The first protects the back and sides of the iPad from scratches, while the second shell covers the front of the iPad when it’s not being use. The best part is that the second shell doubles up as a 2 way iPad stand – allowing you to watch movies or type more easily. The included car strap allows you to attach the iPad to your headrest for watching stuff in the car.

The perfect iPad case featuring 5 functions in 1 case:

1. Two-sided hardshell protection system provides excellent protection
2. Horizontal viewing stand for watching your favorite movie
3. Strap attachment system for watching shows on the go
4. Typing stand when you nee
5. EZ-Grip™ handle system

What Is The Best iPad Case?

Monday, October 4th, 2010

The best iPad case in the world would be indestructible, look amazing, be ultra thin and be made of the highest quality materials and do everything you could possibly want whilst making you a sandwich. Unfortunately, that does not exist so the best iPad case varies from person to person, although some iPad cases always seem to rise to the top of the pile. Our best iPad cases are as follows!

OtterBox iPad Defender Case
The best protection around for the iPad, the OtterBox iPad Defender Case gives the highest level of security for your iPad. Drop proof, this case incorporates three layers of hardcore protection plus some advanced features. Stowing your iPad away for the night or for your commute? Simply remove the back polycarbonate cover and snap it over the face for ultimate touch screen protection, giving you full body protection for your iPad! It also comes with a build in stand, so it’s versatile as well as heavy duty. Not only that, it is designed to accommodate the iPad Dock so you never have to remove the case, meaning it is always protected.

Piel Frama Apple iPad Folio Leather Case
When it comes to leather cases, Piel Frama is hard to beat. This stunning iPad case is hand made with incredible attention to detail, ensuring that it is the very highest quality especially when combined with selected grade 1ª leather from individually chosen cows. Quality wise, this is possibly the best leather iPad case available (or at least one of the top few). The folio style of this case allows it to open like a book while providing full protection of the screen when it’s not in use. With a magnetic closure system, this case lets you access the iPad quickly and easily whilst keeping it secure. It also allows access to all of the controls and ports at all times, meaning you have full functionality whilst it is still inside the case.

KeyCase iPad Folio Deluxe with Bluetooth Keyboard – Black
The iPad case that has taken the world by storm, the KeyCase iPad Folio Deluxe with Bluetooth Keyboard is exactly what the name suggests, a case with a fully functioning  iPad keyboard built in. With an integrated Bluetooth 2.0 Keyboard which seemlessly connects with the iPad for quicker and more comfortable typing – this innovative folio case is ideal for people who regularly use their iPad for e-mailing, making notes and writing documents. The clever design of this multi-functional case allows it to protect the iPad, whilst it can easily convert into the laptop style postion. If you don’t need the Keyboard it simply folds behind the iPad and out of sight, and with a working time of up to 90 hours per charge (and standby time of up to 100 days), it won’t be running out of power any time soon.

KeyCase iPad Folio Deluxe with Bluetooth Keyboard - Black

Macally METROLPAD Clear with Silicone Grip for iPad
This ultra slim iPad case is designed protection without adding any bulk to the device itself. Protecting the iPad from scratches, it features a hardshell back panel and a silicon edge for extra protection and grip.  The frosty coloured matt effect back feels great and allows the Apple logo to show through, while the tough silicone edge holds your iPad perfectly still and protects it from light shocks and damage. The back of this case has four small knobs which stabilize the iPad when lying flat and protect the case from scuffs. Keeping the original form of the iPad, this lightweight case will give you discrete protection for those that don’t want any extra bulk on their iPad.

Marware Eco-Vue for iPad
The Eco-Vue case for the iPad uses eco-leather so it’s eco-friendly! What’s so great about eco-leather? The tanning process used to make this leather uses fewer toxins than traditional leather tanning. This minimizes toxic runoff into the ground and water tables. No chlorine, no sulfuric acid, and no petroleum/chemical based dyes. This is real leather, without the environmental impact of standard tanning and dyeing processes. But that’s not all! This is actually an iPad case that would stand out from the crowd even without being eco-friendly. It delivers 3 soluutions into one case – it has a unique and innovative hand strap design allows you to fold back the cover and securely grip the device during usage – a feature not offered in many other cases or covers. The Eco-Vue opens like a book, and the front cover can be used as a stand. A foldaway display stand is ideal for lower-angled typing or viewing, and rounds out a broad array of features provided in a single case solution. So there you have it, an eco-friendly iPad case that can function as a typing stand, viewing stand and also has support for holding it in your hands.