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Best Cases for the New MacBook Air 2013

With the announcement of the 2013 MacBook Air in both 11″ and 13″ models, many are now on the hunt for the best cases for the new MacBook Air. We’ve decided to round up a few of our favourite cases so you’re able to protect and stylise your brand new MacBook Air.


Giving your MacBook Air form-fitting, ventilated protection against scratches, the ToughGuard range offers cases that are both slim and affordable. Whilst they aren’t going to give maximum shock resistance should you drop your MacBook Air, they’re available in a wide range of colours allowing you to customise your device and show off some personality.

Designed to allow easy access to all ports, there are cut-outs along the edges of the ToughGuard. This also helps to aid ventilation keeping your new MacBook Air nice and cool. Available for both MacBook Air sizes, it’s easy to see why the range is so popular.



ColcaSac make all natural sleeves that are incredibly stylish and are usually adored by Apple fans. ColcaSac’s approach to providing environmentally sustainable cases that both look and feel great has gained them a strong fan base and a growing reputation. Due to the internal cushioning providing exceptional protection, you can be sure that your MacBook Air will be in safe hands.


Speck SeeThru


The Speck SeeThru Satin is a favourite of many Apple lovers. Combine a ToughGuard with a satin-soft finish and the reputation of Speck and you’re left with this wonderful creation. Just like the ColcaSac, the Speck SeeThru is extremely popular with Apple lovers due to its high quality and unique ability to make your MacBook look a different colour. The back is also translucent meaning you can still see the glowing Apple logo through it.







Fabrix make a range of extremely unique cases that allow you to really show off your personality whilst protecting your MacBook Air when it’s not in use. Pick yourselves up a Fabrix case today – one of the hottest products around for MacBook Air.


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