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Is the Galaxy S4 out of this world?

So most of us have been excited for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for a while, probably since the announcement of the S3. Well last night was the moment when all the leaks and rumours were confirmed or destroyed and your anticipation was settled. At 7pm (ET) yesterday Samsung took centre stage at Radio City Music hall in New York City to announce their latest flagship device the Galaxy S4.

We all saw a lot of leaked photos, specifications and rumours running up to the release, our very own MobileFun.co.uk even joined in with some interesting cases giving an idea of the size and shape of the device.  After seeing some of the leaked photos and the sneak previews from Samsung, some were disappointed that it was going to look similar to the S3, but I thought let’s wait for the specification, that’s what matters these days. Will it showcase a new processor? Will 5G Wi-Fi become a reality? Will it be looking into my eyes the whole time tracking where they move? Well some of these speculations came true, the S3 and the S4 do look very similar and yes it does track your eye movement. The S4 packs a new 1.6GHz octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, most connectivity’s known to man and sensors to track your eyes, hand gestures, movements and voice.

Two of the most talked about features are the new camera and screen. The S4 has been given a 5” Full HD Super AMOLED screen with a pixel density of 441 ppi, and you won’t want to damage that big bright screen (don’t worry we have you covered with our Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protectors). Both front and back facing cameras have been given an upgrade with the back now at 13MP and the front 2MP both offering HD recording. You can also use both cameras at the same time for Dual Shot, Dual Record or Dual Video Call.

So are you prepared for the S4? Here at Gearzap we certainly are. We know you will need all kinds of accessories to get the most of the S4 and keep it well protected so check out our Samsung Galaxy S4 Hard Cases and other accessories.

But what are your thoughts on the Galaxy S4?


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