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LoveCases launches range of iPod Touch 5G and iPod Nano 7G cases!

Our sister site LoveCases has recently launched a range of iPod Touch 5G and Nano 7G cases designed to please every customer. The cases which are available all serve different purposes, some to add extra style, some to add extra protection and even some armband cases which help you to use your iPods whilst you’re out and about.

With ranges from different, leading manufacturers (such as Case-Mate and Cygnett) you’re sure to find something to suit your wants and needs. The line-up includes a range of ultra-thin cases which are designed to protect the back and sides from scratches and impact damage. Each ultra-thin case is made with tough materials which not only protect your iPods but it also adds a touch of style whilst keeping the original look and shape of your iDevice.

The iPod Touch 5G cases available come in a variety of different colours and styles so if you’re looking for something to add loads of protection or if you’re just looking for something to add a thin layer of protection LoveCases have got it covered.

They even feature a line of cases which feature built in kick stands, so not only are they adding protection but they’re also helping you to use your device whilst at a desk so you don’t need to keep removing the Touch 5G from your pocket In order to access the apps or just navigate through your music collection.

For iPod Nano 7G cases the range is just as impressive boasting a variety of different styles and different layers of protection, the cases available will enable you to keep listening your music without fear of your iPod getting damaged.

With Apple boasting that their new iPods are designed for ‘maximum funness’ LoveCases range of iPod Touch cases will help you keep the fun going on and on.


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