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The best Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Accessories from GearZap.com

At GearZap, we have the best selection of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 accessories available in the world. We have decided to round some up for you today so you can get a glance at just some of our finest products!

Galaxy Tab 7.7 case from Rock

This case for Galaxy Tab 7.7 is made by Rock, and is known as the Light&Cool case in grey and black. It is one of the nicest cases that we have in for the Galaxy Tab, providing stylish protection that looks great in any environment.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 car holder

This car holder for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is made by Brodit and allows you to hold your tablet in your car with ease, also giving you easy access to the ports if you wish to use a car charger or an audio cable too. This is great if you like to listen to music on the go, or use your tablet for a SatNav. The holder also swivels allowing you to easily switch between having your tablet in portrait or landscape orientations.


Zenus screen protector for Galaxy Tab 7.7

This Zenus screen protector for Galaxy Tab 7.7 offers a unique property which prevents fingerprints on your screen as well as ensuring that your Galaxy Tab 7.7 screen picks up no scratches. This means you will never need to clean the screen (most phones and tablets need cleaning several times a day!) and you won’t risk picking up scratches or chips.


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