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Popular choices for iPad accessories

We are seeing a large demand for different types of iPad accessories recently, with many people looking for more than just an iPad case or cover. People are on the hunt for more varied accessories, so we have decided to put this list together to help you find the best accessories for iPad around.

First of all you might want to consider an iPad bag.

Rivacase iPad bag

The bag pictured above is made by a new brand to GearZap, Rivacase. It is compatible with a wide range of tablets, including the iPad, and allows you to carry your device as well as a few other accessories around with you with ease all day long. It’s great to be able to carry an iPad charger¬†around with you without needing extra pockets, and without risking the two coming together and causing damage.

If you are looking for a charger but want to add a little more style, or want it to also act as an iPad stand, you might want to consider getting an iPad dock.

XtremeMac Luna Voyager II

This dock from XtremeMac allows you to program an alarm clock as well, which is great for getting you up in the morning, obviously, but also allows you to play your own music through it to wake you up.

Of course there are other great accessories too, such as iPad screen protectors and iPad speakers, and there is also a great new iPad hard case on our website.


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