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The Kindle Touch is on its way to the UK!

We know that we’ve mentioned it before – but we are just so excited that the Kindle Touch will be making its way to the UK (and the rest of Europe for that matter) in just a few weeks time!

Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch is Amazon’s first fully-touchscreen eReader, and will remain their flagship eReader for (what we would assume) the rest, or at least most, of the year.

The Kindle Touch is a great device which allows you to load up a full touch screen keyboard on screen, as well as allowing you to turn the pages simply by tapping one side of the page or the other.

The stylishly designed device definitely competes with the likes of Kobo in terms of image, and should help to fend off the growing competition throughout the UK and Europe.

We already have a couple of products in our Kindle Touch case range and Kindle Touch cover range online – allowing you to protect your eReader from release day. You can be sure that these ranges will grow massively before the release date of the Touch, giving all of our customers a diverse range of the highest quality products to choose from!

Another one of our Kindle Touch accessories that we expect to be popular is our Kindle Touch light range. All of our Kindle Touch lights on the website are also compatible with the original Kindle, as well as all other e-ink display eReaders such as those made by Kobo.

Whilst we are expecting our whole Kindle Touch range to be incredibly popular, we expect our cases, covers and lights to be in hot demand right from the word go. Why not pre-order your accessories today? Maybe even before you’ve pre-ordered your Kindle Touch!

If you are interested in picking up anything from our website in the meantime, please make use of our same day despatch offer by ordering before 6pm.


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