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Kobo – Better Than Kindle?

Little known manufacturer of eReaders and entry level Internet tablets, Kobo, have been whipping up a storm in the past couple of months after becoming exclusively stocked in a top UK high street store.


The Kobo Touch, little known but loved by all owners eReader has been incredibly popular over the past couple of months, and has become Kobo’s flagship product.

Competing extremely well on price with the Amazon Kindle, Kobo offers a device with a similar specification, it is light, can store 4,000 books without adding any microSD cards (although, the device can increase its storage capacity by up to 4 times with the use of a microSD card) and in all honestly, looks a lot cooler than the Kindle.

The Kobo Touch, and all of Kobo’s other eReading and tablet devices, have a quilted style exterior which brings a breath of fresh air into the world of brushed aluminium or shiny plastic tablets. As well as looking great, the bumps and curves are great to hold on to whilst reading.

If you are looking for something more than the Kobo Touch, namely Internet and social network access, you may want to consider the Kobo Vox – which offers both an eReading platform and also basic Internet access. You can snap up a Kobo Vox for around £170, which means it is already competing with the Kindle Fire’s main USP before it is even released here.

So, for such high quality devices, why is the Kindle still so much more popular? Marketing. Many people don’t even know what an eReader is – but they do know what a Kindle is. Kindle is the household name, and with a little extra marketing push (OK, admittedly there were TV adverts running over the Christmas period) Kobo could be so much more successful.

As always, you can pick up a Kobo cover on our website. This includes a popular range if you are looking for a Kobo Vox case.


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