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The Best Kindle 4 Covers & Kindle 4 Cases

With the launch of the brand new Kindle, we thought it would be fitting to run through our best Kindle 4 covers. Amazon have renamed their older Kindle as the ‘Kindle Keyboard’ and left the new Kindle with the older name of ‘Kindle’. Sound confusing? It is. This is why many people are calling the newest Kindle the Kindle 4 (it makes sense, as the last one was often referred to as the Kindle 3).

* This list has been created shortly after the release date of the Kindle 4. Please check out our full range of Kindle covers as we will be constantly adding more amazing products!


Kindle 4 Covers


SD TabletWear Leather Style Kindle Cover

This leather style Kindle cover is a replica of the design that was so popular for the Kindle 3. Made by SD TabletWear, it is designed and manufactured to a really high standard and proves excellent value for money as it is affordable to all, whilst still looking incredibly stylish and professional. It securely closes keeping your Kindle safe at all times and compliments the design of your favourite e-reader.

SD TabletWear Leather Style Amazon Kindle Cover

SD TabletWear Leather Style Kindle Cover With Light

This case may look familiar – that’s because we just looked at it! However, this Kindle case includes a light, which helps to combat the main problem with the Kindle; it is not backlit. Allowing you to read at night without disturbing a loved one, the Kindle cover with light is a popular choice for all.

SD TabletWear Leather Style Kindle Cover with Light


Tuff-Luv Embrace Kindle Cover

Made by Tuff-Luv, this Kindle 4 cover is an exciting addition to this rundown, with its fluorescent, 100% animal free, leather style exterior looking extremely stylish and eye-catching.  Like all of Tuff-Luv’s products, it gives extremely good protection against scratches and damages, and offers a small bit of useful storage for documents, tickets and identification inside. It also stays securely shut thanks to its button snap clasp.

Tuff-Luv Smart Jacket Electric

Verso Book Style Amazon Kindle Cover

This case looks just like a real book! Hide your Kindle away from prying eyes and add a bit of character to it with this protective cover that looks like a genuine antique book. Its padded exterior gives excellent protection against scratches and damage, and it will ensure that your Kindle stands out in the crowd (unless you’re in a library that is!).

Verso Antique Book Style Kindle Case

Tuff-Luv Natural Hemp Kindle Cover

This 100% all natural, eco-friendly and animal free Kindle 4 cover from Tuff-Luv gives high quality protection at an affordable price. Its unique look and feel stands out in the sea of boring cases and its embroidered pattern adds a bit of extra personality to it. It holds your Kindle tightly in place and remains secure when closed – giving your Kindle protection whether you are reading or if it is inside a busy bag.

Tuff-Luv Eco-Nique Natural Hemp Kindle Cover

If you still have the older Kindle, you find a Kindle 3 cover or a Kindle Keyboard cover on our website!


Kindle 4 Covers




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