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Add a Numeric Keypad to your iMac or MacBook

Buying a Bluetooth Numeric Keypad for Apple iMac & MacBook

Do you need a proper Numeric Keypad for your Apple iMac or MacBook? Well accountants and Maths Geeks (or anyone who likes to use a keypad really) can now rejoice!

GearZap have launched a new product to solve all your Keypad needs. The Wireless Bluetooth Keypad is designed to compliment the look of the standard apple bluetooth keyboard and even allows you to connect them together with an almost seamless linkage bar.

The Apple Style Keypad connects via Bluetooth and is powered by 2x AA batterys. It has been very well made and the keys are of similar quality and feel to the genuine Apple Keyboard.

As you can see, the Bluetooth Keypad looks very similar to the genuine Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and can be used independently (perfect for MacBooks) or connected via the linkage bar to the Apple Keyboard. It has not been confirmed yet, but we see no reason why this would not work with a Windows PC too!

You can now buy your Bluetooth Keypad now from GearZap.com!


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