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Samsung N130 Leather Book Folio Launched!

Made from genuine soft natural leather, this high quality Samsung N130 Leather Case has been tailored to fit the netbook perfectly. Cutaways give full access to the controls and connections of your netbook, allowing you to use your netbook from inside the case and protecting your netbook from damage at all times. The case is hand stitched and sealed with a long lasting bonding agent to ensure durability. The magnetic button makes opening and closing the case quick and easy, so you’ll be ready to use your netbook at any moment.

Samsung N130 Leather Book Folio

Samsung N130 Leather Book Folio

This tailored leather case will protect your netbook from scratches and light bumps, making it ideal for everyday use of your netbook. When you need to use your netbook, simply open the magnetic fastening and flip the top of the leather case under your netbook. You can also attach the case top to your netbook lid if desired.

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