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How to buy a Universal Laptop Charger

If you have lost, damaged or broken your Laptop Charger and looking to buy a new one, a Universal Laptop Charger is an easy and cheap alternative to finding a replacement. However, using the wrong charger can damage your laptop, so it is important to know a few things before you buy. This guide shows you how to find a replacement charger that is safe to use with your Laptop.

Step 1: Find out the power requirements of your Laptop.

The Laptop Charger must be able to supply sufficient power to the Laptop. Power is specified in number of Watts (W), e.g. 65W or 90W.

Important: always use a Laptop Charger with equal or higher power output than the Laptop requires. E.g., on a 90W notebook you can use a 90W or 120W adapter but not a 70W adapter.

Follow these steps:

  • The power requirements are usually specified in Watts (W) on the original power adapter that was included with your Laptop. See figure 1 (P). Common power outputs are 65W and 90W.
  • When the output power is only specified in Volts (V) and Amperes (A), multiply those numbers to get the power output in Watts (W). In figure 1, the output power is: 18,5V x 3,5A = 64,75W (rounded off to 65W).
  • If the original adapter is missing then check for a label on the Laptop, check the user manual or contact the manufacturer of the notebook.
Figure 1: example of power adapter label

Label of power adapter

Step 2: Check the Voltage compatibility (V)

If the voltage of the charger is too high then it can damage your Laptop (although most laptops now include protection against this), if it is too low then it will not provide sufficient power to your laptop. You should check to see if the Laptop Charger can provide the correct voltage for your laptop. Universal Laptop Chargers normally have a manual switch or an automatic voltage selection.

Step 3: Ensure the charger comes with the correct tip.

You should always check to see if the pack includes the correct tip for your Laptop. Most brands of Laptop use the same tip for all models, so all you need do is check that your laptop brand is specified by the manufacturer.

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