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Playing World of Warcraft – WOW on the MacBook

World of Warcraft is the world’s most popular MMORPG and many Mac users are playing this game on their MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. What are these users saying about playing WoW On the MacBook? Here are some feedback from these Mac users.

It may look nice, but does it play World of Warcraft?So far I’ve played WoW on 4 computers – my parents’ AMD Athlon 3000+ (512 MB RAM, 64 MB VIA graphics), Hari’s Pentium 4 (512 MB RAM, 128 MB nVidia graphics) and my Mac Mini (1.42Ghz PowerPC, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB ATi graphics), as well as my MacBook (1.83Ghz Core Duo, 1 GB RAM, 64 MB Intel Graphics). … And now to my MacBook. I really didn’t know how it would handle WoW – though it has the best processor of the lot, with a high clock speed and two cores, and the most RAM, its graphics abilities aren’t that great. However, out of the 4 machines, WoW plays the best on the MacBook. Framerates are between 15-20 fps on average with 30+ possible indoors, and there’s almost no lag, even in the busiest parts of Ironforge. – http://www.neilturner.me.uk/2006/Aug/29/world_of_warcraft_macbook.html

World of Warcraft and MacBook ProSo my nephew installed World of Warcraft on my MacBook Pro to test how fast WOW would run, and we must say it is definitely phenomenal! Originally on the PowerBook I had, WOW ran quite laggy and the graphics were choppy and unexciting; essentially WOW worked on the PowerBook, it just wasn’t very satisfying to play on it. The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, seemed to be day and night difference, of course to be expected since the video card is better, dual core processor, and so on.http://bui4ever.com/blog/2006/04/16/world-of-warcraft-and-macbook-pro.php

MacBook Pro + World of Warcraft = AWESOME!World of Warcraft on a Mac Book Pro is WOW! I am sure that some of the other massively GPU intensive games might have problems but, at least for me, World of Warcraft played perfectly.http://www.richandstephsipe.com/wordpress/2006/06/18/mac-book-pro-world-of-warcraft-awesome-2/

Black MacBook – My WowspaceI play WoW on a Black MacBook, and it runs fine. I can’t have all the graphic modes set to highest, but don’t I have to have them on the lowest either. With a little tweaking, the game still looks beautiful. – http://scoots.wordpress.com/2007/04/08/black-macbook-my-wowspace/

Playing World of Warcraft on a MacbookThe picture above shows the current WoW video settings for my 2GHz Core 2 Duo Macbook with 2GB of ram. The graphics chip is a GMA 950. After some tweaking, I’ve found these settings work well for me.

They won’t give you the fastest frame rates but I think they’re a good compromise between graphical detail and raw speed. I typically get frame rates that range from the high teens to low 20s. If your Macbook has the newer GMA X3100 graphics chip, you should be getting even higher frame rates. I wouldn’t raid with my Macbook, but questing and 5-member instance runs certainly aren’t out of the question. – http://www.appleotaku.com/2007/09/23/playing-world-of-warcraft-on-a-macbook/

MacBook Air: Rambling First ImpressionsThe Air runs World of Warcraft pretty damn well. Sure, I don’t have, uh, specular water reflective anti-aliased spectroscopic quadrophonic roto-tilling turned on. But, you know, I can, like, heal things and run around and pick liferoot and run around some more. (PHEAR MY HEALING, EVIL-DOERS OF AZEROTH!)http://www.wilshipley.com/blog/2008/02/macbook-air-rambling-first-impressions.html

MacBook Air – My Brief Love AffairI briefly tested the MBA with World of Warcraft, and I thought it was fine. It performed about as well as a standard macbook, and I told myself that I could live with that.http://www.randomstatic.org/?p=69

Mac Games: Playing WOW on my 17″ MacBook ProI recently installed a trial copy of World of Warcraft on my 17? MacBook Pro. … Since I’ve installed WOW on my 17? MacBook Pro, I really have no reason not to play. No, I’m not getting sucked into the wonderful world of WOW. I give myself a certain amount of time to play and once I reach that limit. That’s it, no more gameplay.http://themacdiva.com/mac-games-playing-wow-on-my-17-macbook-pro/

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  1. Mac Russell says:

    I have to say I’m not to satisfied, sure it was fine for a while, but as time progressed I noticed the degrading of playing quality. I would not recommend this to a hardcore wow player. Im selling my book b/c its just not what i want.

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